Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I was linked on reddit

I got just shy of 5k hits in a day, and not one troll talked about how my my comic sucked. So I consider that an Internet Win.

It got me interested in what life would be like if I was able to make a living off of just drawing comics instead of being an old IT guy. I'm going to try to expand some of my on-line presence and see if that draws more people to my comic, and ultimately to my patreon page so I can start to try to make enough money off the comic so I can draw full time.

OOh this will be a lot of work: I have a line on getting published, if only I can get that comic finished, and it's not the D&D comic I so want to draw. Just letting the nobody who follows this blog know that I'm still here.

Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there He wasn’t there again today I wish, I wish he’d go away...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Still drawing this comic

Still posting as often as I can. I think that I'm not going to live long enough to draw all the comics I want to. Other then all the obvious ways winning the lottery would be awesome, I think it would be fun to write the comics telling the stories I want to tell, then pay people to draw them for me.

I guess that's how people start comic companies, but I really hate marketing and selling things. When I think about running a business and having things like employees, I get the dry heaves. So no... starting a comic company isn't a good option for me. If there's no lotto win, what I need then is a gullible wealthy person to give me mad stacks of cash to get my comics made, then I can just make them all, and HE (or SHE, I'm not picky) can take all these comics and do what he wants with them as long as I get a copy. NO idea how to pull that one off either, since I kinda need to eat and pay bills, there's this job thing getting in the way of everything.

I have further adventures planned after the Keep on the Borderlands story, mostly running through different adventures in the OD&D adventure path. In addition to that, I have ideas such as:

  • a duel in 1395 Padua
  • the colonization of the Solar System (Mercury and Venus featuring prominently)
  • A Viscount of a fantasy-based Crusader State (Blemmyes and Hermetic Warlocks!)
  • Comic based on Star Frontiers
  • a post crash about the rebuilding of the world
  • Raven The Sword Mistress of Chaos
  • NSFW comic about loose women in Dark Ages England
  • comic version the the Emberverse story

And a few others too nebulous to mention.

Anyway, just venting a bit while I'm waiting to get off work. Can't promise I'll post again anytime soon.

Good luck with 2017 out there everyone! It's going to be a harrowing year!